Wednesday, January 25, 2012

From my blog in Thy Black Man (Reprint)

Check out my blog on Thy Black Man...If What Black Men Say Is True, I Am A White Woman.

It is drawing some very intense comments. What are your thoughts?

If What Black Men Say is True, I’m A White Woman…

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( “I think that is true, white women are much easier to get along with,” a long time friend said to me over lunch. “White women will stick with the man they love, they know how to hang in there while he builds. A black woman will pull the plug in a minute. White women,” he said looking me straight in the eye, “understand the power of perseverance.”
Chances are you have heard this argument before, and if you are a black woman, chances are you have been in this situation. Normally, I would have immediately pointed out the flawed and stereotypical remarks for what they are, … baloney. However, this time was different. This time I wasn’t listening to some guy on television go on about how great white women are and how black women are worthless. This time I was face to face with a friend of mine, a man I was interested in – up until that day at least.  This was not an unintelligent man, quite the contrary. He is successful, competent, hard-working, handsome, well-read and not at all someone I thought would believe such a thing much less say it to a black woman’s face.  As we used to say in my youth, those are fighting words. I allowed him to continue uninterrupted, I had to see where he was going with this argument and just how far.
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