Thursday, September 29, 2011

My Thursday Rant of the Week - Tyrese! Tag You're It!

So Tyrese gets kicked out of WJKS Kiss in Delaware for talking about liquor stores near elementary schools. Then Tweets it so they have their underwear in a knot about his expulsion. Here is Thursday rant- which I also posted on Your Black World's blog on this subject:

Oh, excuse me... is this the same I Gotta Chick Tyrese? That guy?
The one who could only find two black women for his video filled with women and his response to the why was "I held 2 days of auditions and I  went with the best." Couldn't find qualified black models- funny, I hear that all the time from companies in corporate America.
And his co-artists Tyga and R. Kelly. Really? That Tyrese? Tyrese said liquor store comment to get black folks distracted from the mess he is in for casting a certain look and type of woman in his video- hoping the black blogs would pick it up and support him , and on that he was he was right. 

Liquor stores should not be so prevalent in black communities period- neither should guys who date young girls. And as for Tyrese in his video I Gotta Chick- he has a drink (liquor) and a cigar (smoking) and a bunch of young girls grinding on anything that walks- including each other(sex) in that same video? What, and I should be happy about this bland statement he made in Delaware? Call me when Tyrese takes a stand like that in New York or Chicago. Maybe I might turn my head. For now, he needs to be boycotted along with the radio station I never heard of in Delaware for making a further mockery out of anyone not sharp enough to see his hypocrisy. I'm Just Saying. Next!

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  1. I recently heard Tyrese on another radio talk show ( it was a NY station) and to listen to him you would think he was an advocate for improving communities and the lives of the youth. It is appalling how some in the limelight have difficulty in displaying that they practice what they preach. Does he not understand that you must lead by example whether it is a video, a pulpit, a podium and/or shopping in the supermarket. What a waste of a platform.