Sunday, June 20, 2010

Happy Father's Day!

To the Father's Of the World
                           by Cathleen Williams

You have the most magnificent role on earth
the most inspiring and expansive ability to affect and influence lives
You walk and people watch
You talk and people listen
When you act, people are acted upon
When you move you move people
And the world experiences your Soul

When you embrace the role of father
In the lives of your children
They hear and respond to you
At the sound of your voice
Like no other voice they will ever hear
They stand at attention
Alert, still, awaiting direction
Your children know the scent of your voice
One that cannot be mocked, mimicked and never replaced

With gratitude and admiration
I watch you with your children
The way you direct them
Correct them
Empower them and touch them
I watch you carry them effortlessly
Smile at them and
Wipe their tears and their noses
Replenish and refocus them and send them out into the world

I watch you feed them
Ask them questions and
Demand quick efficient answers
That are logical, thought out and make sense
I watch you prepare them for the art of war
That you know they will experience daily as they walk this earth
I watch you extract excellence
Morality, responsibility, accountability and power
You prepare them for life, survival and deposit in them providence

You are irreplaceable
Your's is not an every other weekend hobby
You are a full time position
Your accessibility is critical daily, on the phone
In emails, in text messages
Your hugs, your voice your correction and your interest is essential
Your daughter's are affirmed by you
Your sons model you and especially need you
Not to the exclusion of mother
In addition
In balance
In harmony

You are essential to the accurate, balanced and mature growth and development of your children
Your presence and power needed
In a way only a man, a father can fulfill
Without you family is possible
But it is incomplete, not nearly as effective and never, ever, ever
Will you be replaced.

If you didn't know, you are important
If you didn't know, you are needed
If you didn't know, you are necessary
If you didn't know
You are your children's breathing living Superhero
God made you first in His image and likeness and you are a wonder
You are father, you are man
You are magnetically powerful beyond measure
In your unique brilliance, anointing and savvy
You lead you rule and
I salute you
 Happy Father's Day

copyright Cathleen E. Williams Enterprises

Cathleen Williams, RN, Esq.
CEO, I'm Just Saying TV, LLC
Speaker, Trainer
Author: Single Mother The New Father

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